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Welcome to Back Resort

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Salem Chiropractor, Dr. Dan Davidson

Salem chiropractor, Dr. Dan Davidson, is a chiropractor and founder of The Back Resort & Rejuvenation Health Center and has been serving the Roanoke Valley and Salem for 35 years! He has been voted Top Doc Chiropractor three times by health professionals in the Roanoker Magazine and was also recently honored with a Gold Bedside Manner Award from the “Our Health” magazine patient survey. Our office is a referral-based practice that includes Chiropractic, Massage, Rehab, Exercise, Nutrition and Orthotics. We are here to help you regain and maintain your health!

Back Resort Is Open 3-26-20 - 80percent

Yes We Are OPEN at the Back Resort! Chiropractors are considered primary and essential health care providers. We are essential because your spine and health are essential!

Our office is following CDC guidelines for Covid 19 including Patient Screening, Staggering Of Appointments and High Level Sanitizing. We are here to help you with all your musculoskeletal health conditions!

How Chiropractic Can Help You

Chiropractic is safe and effective! Chiropractic can offer you a natural solution to headaches and back pain. And chiropractic can help you get well and stay well while avoiding drugs and surgery! Our greatest satisfaction comes from helping others. Will you be next in line? Tour our website to learn more about chiropractic and learn more about what Back Resort can do to help you! You can take your first step towards relief by calling our Salem chiropractic office today at (540) 389-2225 or schedule online at

Dr. Davidson Says Thanks For 36 Years Of Service!

Dear Patients & Friends, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve in our community as a chiropractor since February 1985. My dad recently retired as a chiropractor after practicing for 55 years and I hope and plan to keep going strong for many years to come. (I’m ready for my next 36 years!) After 12,000 patients and over 1 million adjustments, I am more devoted than ever to continue helping patients and sharing the principles of good health.

Salem Chiropractor | Back Resort

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