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New Patient Reviews

I Really Enjoyed The Visit

It is a very well-organized and well-run practice. The staff is very congenial and helpful. I had a wonderful appointment with Dr Dan who listened to me, educated and evaluated me in a very timely manner. I really enjoyed the visit and look forward to progressing with my treatment here at The Back Resort!

– Debbie J.

Great Experience

It was a great experience. My back felt great when I left. Everyone was helpful and friendly and I will definitely refer you to my friends and family.

– Karen P.

So Caring and Thorough

I absolutely love coming to your office. The staff is very kind and makes connections with every patient. I do usually have to wait well past my appointment time to see Dr. Davidson, but his services have helped me tremendously and he is so caring and thorough. It’s worth the waiting time.

-Alexandra S.

Two Thumbs Up!

The deep tissue massage I received by Morgan was absolutely the best hands down! I will most certainly be back and have told several of my friends about her as well. I have been almost pain-free since leaving there. Two thumbs up!

– Terry A.

Awesome Massage

Caleb was awesome! I haven’t had a massage in a long time and he made me feel comfortable. I’ve also had this awful pain behind one of my knees (work related) and as of two days after my massage I am pain free ! I can’t thank him enough.

– Lindsay O.

Highly Recommend

I really enjoy the week rounded approach to your chiropractic care. I really feel that the whole body approach is best. I walked in to this office for the first time barely being able to move my neck to walking out with relief and a well explained plan of action. I highly recommend Dr. Davidson and The Back Resort!

– Katie J.

First Visit Was Awesome!

My first visit was awesome!!! I’ve been plagued with several sports injuries that Dr Dan addressed and made a huge improvement on and gave me a fantastic adjustment!!! I thought I was going to see several different doctors for my issues but I am optimistic Dr Dan can address all of them and have me back running again soon!!

– Tracy C.

I am Extremely Grateful

Very impressive exam and evaluation of my problems. I had been dealing with back problems for years with only slight relief. I got a firm diagnosis and a good plan of treatment on my initial visit. Subsequently, over the next 4 months, my pain has subsided and I now have an every three-week appointment for maintenance! I am extremely grateful to Dr. Dan and his staff for making my life easier and I am able to do my normal things again! Thanks for the help and courtesy!

– Debbie J.

Very Happy

I’m very happy that I found this service on Groupon and that I followed through with the visit. I look forward to my future treatments.

– Chipper C.

They Care About your Wellbeing

Dr. Dan and Caleb are excellent healthcare practitioners who truly care about the patients wellbeing and eventual outcome. They listen when you have questions about your healthcare and provide simple easy to understand answers to those questions. It’s too bad all Medical field personnel do not have these qualities. So very happy my daughter gave me this referral to see the folks at the Back Resort.. A+ facility in my book !!

-Melanie B.

In Good Hands

Glad to be in good hands.

– Kevin L.

Found Relief

Found relief from and a reason for my pain from an extremely helpful and friendly practice. Thank you!

– Kim D.

Lower Back And Hip Pain

I had such incredible lower back and hip pain during a weekend trip that at one point I was unable to stand up and had to lie down on the floor. That’s not the sort of thing that’s supposed to happen when you’re just 32 years old. The ER doctor literally told me that he was just going to give me pain medicine and hope the problem went away! I wasn’t interested in covering up the problem I wanted to know what was causing it and treat the cause. Dr. Davidson actually X-rayed my back, showed me the slight sideways curve in my spine and where the vertebra were “locking up” and causing nerve irritation. Then, after the first manual adjustment I noticed immediate pain relief.

Bear in mind this is just an anecdote, so take my personal experience for what it is. Speaking of evidence though, I do appreciate the fact that Dr. Davidson took the time to diagnose my problem correctly and run the proper diagnostic tests to find out what was wrong. An X-ray of your spine can be pretty good proof of what is going on with it (so can an MRI to look at the soft tissue surrounding the spine, but I’m starting to go on a tangent). I also appreciate the fact that he treated my pain based on what was causing it, not just trying to cover up the pain. Chiropractic really is good.

– Kurt L.

Relief From Neck And Back Pain

I have been so impressed, and have already felt tremendous relief from my back and neck pain after several visits. Dr. Dan is very compassionate, encouraging, and always takes the time to listen to you. His goal is to relieve your pain, and bring back a quality of living. The Back Resort staff is like a family. They are very warm, friendly, helpful, and concerned about your health. I wish I had started going to Back Resort sooner.

– Bonnie C.


Allison was amazing. Her knowledge base and massage in general was incredible.

– Megan G.

Friendly Atmosphere

I really enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The one thing I was most impressed with though, is the time the doctor took to listen and address in detail all of my concerns and then to set expectations and explain in detail what the process is like and the different ways the problem(s) could be addressed.

– Areli T.

Great Experience

Great experience. Wonderful people. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend.

– Connie D.

So Glad I Found This Place

I am glad I found this place. I have been to others and had problems with adjustments, my muscles are very tight no problem here, relief on day one, already better range of motion in my neck after just two visits. Can’t ask for more than that!

– Joseph R.

I Am very Satisfied

Feeling confident that I can be helped by a very knowledgeable doctor who listens to my signs and symptoms, and explains what he’s going to do to help me, and explains it very well. I am very satisfied!

– Stephanie B.

Wonderful Experience

Everyone was so pleasant and kind. I definitely will be back. Thank you for a wonderful experience. If you haven’t had a massage this is the place for you. Don’t go anywhere else!

– Mary G.

Very Impressed

I was very impressed by the time and thorough attention to detail given during this visit. I have visited multiple doctor’s, be they MD, DO, or DC I don’t think I have ever had as complete a review and explanation of findings.

– Carlton D.

Impressive Staff

Everyone there is so kind, considerate, and pleasant. They seemed to truly care. Dr. Davidson took ample time for my consultation and was thorough. I was introduced to all of the members of staff present during my visits. The Back Resort has the most impressive staff and environment that I have encountered.

– Laura S.

So Happy

Thank you all for being so willing to help me when I was at my worst!!! Dr. Dan went right to work trying to get to the root problem of my shoulder pain. I am so happy to have found The Back Resort!

– Melissa W.

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