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Backs Of Kindness Tip - Don't Reverse Your Neck Curve

Our neck has a natural lordotic curve that evenly distributes the stress and strain of life.  When we lose our natural curve it’s called a Kyphosis.  This can lead to many postural and structural problems.

Here is a great Backs Of Kindness Tip for today – Don’t slouch on the couch! This can reverse the normal neck curve and put a lot of stress and tension on the spine.  Also don’t halfway sit up in bed reading with lots of pillow and have your neck curved reversed.

Our neck is very happy when the natural curve is supported with a contoured pillow when we sleep and when we have good posture when we are sitting.

Click here to listen to Dr. Dan Davidson discuss good neck posture on his Backs Of Kindness audio podcast.


Written by Dr. Dan Davidson, Chiropractic Founder and Director of the Back Resort & Rejuvenation Health Center in Salem VA.

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