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Don't Mimic A Cynic - Or It Could Lead To Mental Dementia

parrot photoA parrot will repeat what it hears.  Once a part of its vocal repertoire, the parrot will repeat that same thing over and over again in the future … talk about annoying!

When you hear someone who is negative, pessimistic or cynical you have a choice of whether you want to repeat that attitude.  Don’t ever Mimic a Cynic!  If you do – there could be significant health consequences.

new health study in Finland suggests that cynical people are three times more likely to suffer from mental dementia later in life.

Cynics are three times more likely to develop dementia than those who have faith in humanity, a study has shown. 

Believing that others are motivated by selfishness, or that they lie to get what they want, appears to radically increase the risk of cognitive decline in later life. 

It could mean that grumpy old men and women should be screened more closely for diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Cynicism has previously been linked to health problems such as heart disease, but this is the first time it has been associated with dementia. 

“These results add to the evidence that people’s view on life and personality may have an impact on their health,” said Dr. Anna-Maija Tolppanen, the lead researcher at the University of Eastern Finland, whose study is published online in the Journal Neurology.

How you think can definitely affect your brain cells and your overall health.  Train your brain with positive uplifting thoughts.  Become a “positive parrot” and repeat optimistic phrases, thoughts and attitudes.  

If you Mimic a Cynic … you could end up with an early visit to the mental clinic.

Written by Dr. Dan Davidson, founder of the Back Resort & Rejuvenation Health Center and - a global campaign to Dare us to Dream Act Resolve Endure as we reach for our full God-given potential and inspire the world.

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