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Massage Restores Energy And Reduces Stress!

Health-and-wellbeingWhen you are overtaxed and running on empty, massage can help you recharge and restore your energy and creativity.  Massage relieves painful muscle tension that saps your energy.

Massage softens your muscles and their connective tissue coverings (called fascia) and releases painful trigger points in both muscles and fascia.  What’s more, while the effects of a single session may be temporary, a well-spaced series can actually reverse chronic muscle contractions.

Massage increases circulation, clearing out accumulated stress hormones and waste products that can make you feel tired and sore,and bathing your cells in nutrients for vital tissue repair.

A short term increase in oxygen to your brain can reduce mental fatigue and improve your ability to concentrate and attend to your problems.


Written by Jerry Waterbeck, Massage Therapist at the Back Resort & Rejuvenation Health – Jerry is available for on-site massages also at your business –
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